Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lucy, just slightly more sympathetic.

I am an avid web surfer. I love to read blogs and forums. I love to know what other people are thinking. People are fascinating. Way back when, while I was in college I minored in the study of psychology. These days, as I am back in school, I wonder if I should have pursued that farther. Sometimes I think of myself like Lucy, from the Peanuts comic, and wish I could hang up my sign...The Doctor is IN. (if I were more computer savvy I would insert a picture here, lol)

What could be more interesting than human behavior? People are so diverse and yet struggle with the same emotions. It makes me feel good when I can lend an ear to someone and give them a few words to let them know someone is listening and understands. I know how much I appreciate having the ear of a good friend, or a good therapist. Maybe it is just that little thing of feeling you are not alone.

When I am with my Green Eyes I don't feel alone and I like that. Last night, as you followers may realize, was Wednesday Date Night. We decided it would be a stay home night, there is a bit of job stress in the air, and I have studying to keep up with. That is not to say we didn't have a little fun. No cooking for me, we ordered pizza, Sicilian, I am still stuffed (next time we stick to regular pizza)! Then I had to draw the line after the pizza, "no we are not baking brownies, lol". It is too true, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Thank goodness Green Eyes loves my curves.

After dinner we settled onto the sofa, all comfy in our nighties, together. I had a large text book and Green Eyes had a new pair of really cute pink canvas, sling back, wedges. What is wrong with that picture, lol? I am getting a serious itch to go shoe shopping. But I digress, Green Eyes and I have actually spent the past few evenings together. He has some stress in his life and I am hopefully giving him the ear he needs, and the arms to cuddle with him. It feels good to be able to do that.

Like I said, the Doctor is in...any questions? $0.05 will get you my two cents!

Friday, September 18, 2009

More than friends, Girlfriends.

Do I start with hello to my five followers or do I start with I am sorry that I have not posted in while. I choose both. I would also like to add a big Thank You to Petra, (as you other four girls know) famed writer of the Voyages En Rose blog. Petra noticed my absence from the blogsphere and sent an email asking after me. Besides Petra being a wise woman with thoughtful words I realized she is a friend, my friend, someone that noticed my absence and reached out to me. With renewed inspiration to write and share my thoughts here I am.

Girlfriends seem to be the topic. Just the other day Staci Lana wrote in her blog, Femulate, about girltalk and chatting with women and I started to think about girlfriends. Then Petra's note to me reminded me again about girlfriends. Green Eyes and I had a brief conversation about girlfriends the other day too. I am a big believer in the stars and to me these separate instances add up to a sign telling me to stop and think a minute.

For me, a GG, it is not just friends that are important it is specifically girlfriends. Time with my girlfriends, conversations with my girlfriends renew me. We feed each other the things we need, an ear to listen to our thoughts whether they are serious or silly, words of either complete honesty or unconditional support. Girlfriends put themselves in the moment with each other, the moment could be about make-up or frustrating kids, being there together is what is important. That is what lifts us up. I am greatful for my girlfriends.

I think I may be gaining a new girlfriend, in Green Eyes (this is a bonus, he is a great boyfriend too). This weekend, after too much "life" getting in our way, we spent some quality time together on Sunday, shopping. We have been shopping together before, looking at women's clothes and shoes. Usually Green Eyes hangs back a bit as I bounce around the store touching things and trying shoes on. I know he like women's clothes, but he remains quiet in the store. This weekend we went out in our sort of matching flip flops and matching anklets, silly fun. In the store Green Eyes tried on some shoes and when I held up some clothes I thought would look good for him he joined me in checking them out more closely. We both got some new clothes this time instead of just me. I felt like for the first time we both had a good time.

Green Eyes still asked "Why don't you care that I go out wearing an anklet?" I truly have no other response than "Why should I care?" After a few emails the next day reveiwing our shopping fun Green Eyes wrote to me that it is good to be girlfriends. YES it is! Drop me a line girlfriends, I need to hear from you.