Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lucy, just slightly more sympathetic.

I am an avid web surfer. I love to read blogs and forums. I love to know what other people are thinking. People are fascinating. Way back when, while I was in college I minored in the study of psychology. These days, as I am back in school, I wonder if I should have pursued that farther. Sometimes I think of myself like Lucy, from the Peanuts comic, and wish I could hang up my sign...The Doctor is IN. (if I were more computer savvy I would insert a picture here, lol)

What could be more interesting than human behavior? People are so diverse and yet struggle with the same emotions. It makes me feel good when I can lend an ear to someone and give them a few words to let them know someone is listening and understands. I know how much I appreciate having the ear of a good friend, or a good therapist. Maybe it is just that little thing of feeling you are not alone.

When I am with my Green Eyes I don't feel alone and I like that. Last night, as you followers may realize, was Wednesday Date Night. We decided it would be a stay home night, there is a bit of job stress in the air, and I have studying to keep up with. That is not to say we didn't have a little fun. No cooking for me, we ordered pizza, Sicilian, I am still stuffed (next time we stick to regular pizza)! Then I had to draw the line after the pizza, "no we are not baking brownies, lol". It is too true, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Thank goodness Green Eyes loves my curves.

After dinner we settled onto the sofa, all comfy in our nighties, together. I had a large text book and Green Eyes had a new pair of really cute pink canvas, sling back, wedges. What is wrong with that picture, lol? I am getting a serious itch to go shoe shopping. But I digress, Green Eyes and I have actually spent the past few evenings together. He has some stress in his life and I am hopefully giving him the ear he needs, and the arms to cuddle with him. It feels good to be able to do that.

Like I said, the Doctor is in...any questions? $0.05 will get you my two cents!

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Lynn Jones said...

Good food and good company = good times! :)

What's the exchange rate on 0.05? Rats. That's a question. Now I've got to find my PayPal account :)