Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Saturday Night

"Share with joy"...great advice, I think I will. Several weeks ago now Green Eyes and I had a weekend together where we had time to have some fun. We were invited to go out and meet some people with GE dressed en femme. However we decided we were not really up for a dance club. We had such a good time at the drag show when we were in Key West over the summer that we decided to find one close to home.

Of course you can't go out on a Saturday night without doing a little shopping first. We are always on the look-out for make-up for GE, especially the right foundation. It was time to try the mall and a little more upscale make-up. We stopped in the MAC store and they were very helpful. They took the time to try different shades on GE to find the right one. Then we looked at eye shadow and the girl was helpful with trying that on GE too. I have fun shopping with GE, and I think he has fun too. Sometimes it is hard for me to be sure because he is kind of quiet when we are in the stores.

Later that night we each went home to dress and Green Eyes then came to my place to finish dressing and do make-up. I helped put on the make-up. I didn't realize how long it took me. I am used to doing my own, which can be done in minutes, on him I took a very long time. I was shocked, I really lost track of time. Better late than never off we went.

Getting there a little late worked out okay, the cover to get in was less and we got to just sit at the bar, which is what we like. The show was fun. I like being out with GE and having a few beers together. Here was a first for me, and I am guessing GE too. Someone bought us drinks. A slightly older, and drunker, gentleman, with a female name that used to perform at the place we were at. He/she seemed like a regular or an owner or something. He/she seemed to like GE. It is fun to be noticed (however there were not enough straight men in there for me to be noticed). He/she even followed us out the door at the end of the night. I think GE enjoyed the attention and we both hated for the night to be over so quickly. As a GG though, the fun of the attention can quickly turn to scary and creepy, like being followed out.

It was a good thing that Green Eyes was driving again. I had a few drinks in a short amount of time, I was toasty. We did get a couple of pictures, but need to take more next time. Hopefully we won't have to wait so long before going out again. I told GE that next time he has to do his own make-up, so we can get out in a more timely fashion. I'll have to fill you in on what GE wore next time, this is where I exhibit "guy" behavior and can't remember what either one of us wore (sorry Babe, feel free to fill in).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello... again

First and foremost, thank you Ms. Petra for mentioning my blog in Voyages en Rose. It was such perfect timing for me. I have not posted in such a long while, I can hardly believe how long, and had just spoken with Green Eyes on the same subject the other day. He asked me to write about a fun night out we had (which I will do very soon). I was hesitant to write about it because I was feeling my blog writing was becoming a little one dimensional. I tend to filter myself quite a bit. (Babe, stop rolling your eyes, lol).

When I first started this blog I intended to write about many different aspects of myself and my life. One big part of my life is my love, who is a cross-dresser. I do accept it and I do support it (and sometimes I do say I have encourage/created a monster, lol). We have fun together. I hope you can see that from the things I have posted so far. As I look back, that is all I have written so far. That is my one dimensional dilema. If I am to be honest, there have been moments of unhappiness along the way too.

I think I need to open the filter a little. I spoke with GE about this too. I told him that sometimes I don't want to write about negative feelings because I don't want him to take things the wrong way or feel like I am putting personal issues out there for others to see before him. After talking and thinking, I realize that I filter myself with GE too, much to his frustration I would guess. I think trying to open up and express more here might help me do the same in other aspects of my life.

As a disclaimer to my GE, and anyone else who reads this blog, one bad moment, one bad day or one unhappy comment does not mean I am no longer accepting or supportive. It is just one moment in time that will move along. Even if you love pizza and you could eat it every day, there might be a day when you don't feel like pizza, it doesn't mean you don't love to eat pizza (Babe, I think I feel like having pizza tonight, I hope you read this before dinner).

In the future I hope to give a more rounded picture of life. Maybe I will write about my kids, or my school work, or my dysfunctional relationship with my mom (probably not, that could take up an entire blog on its own) along with the fun the Green Eyes and I have together. I would also love to hear from readers. I am open to answering questions, topic suggestions and anyone who knows me knows that I love to give my opinion.

Hopefully we'll have more fun, finding Her, She, ME! Thanks again Petra!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Shoot Night

It has been a quiet week for me with my kids away. Green Eyes and I have had a lot of time together and it has been really nice. The other night we took advantage of the privacy, Green Eyes decided to try on the new wig and get all dressed up, makeup, heels and all. Photo Shoot night! GE went to work practicing the makeup application himself. I did help with the eyeliner, but he did a great job. He used some of my makeup and I think we are in agreement, you have to use good makeup, and it truly makes a difference.

GE had a nice, simple, little black dress and peep toe black patent heels on. The new wig and makeup looked really great. He looked the most like a woman that I have ever seen him. When I was close to his face and giving him a kiss, it felt like a woman. It was actually a little odd for me. I was worried about telling him this, but to my relief he took it as a compliment. Here is a question for anyone that might read this, do you find that when you are dressed en femme that your facial expressions change?

We took a bunch of pictures in the LBD. Then we took some with GE in a maxi dress that was fun and bright with straps and wedge heels. I can't wait to see the pictures. It was a fun night. I think we would both like to go out again, girl's night out. We just can't decide what to do or where to go. It is fun to go to a club that is friendly, but I think we would like to find something a little lower key. Life is about to get busy again, I hope we can make the time to get out. Here is another question, if you go out en femme with your girlfriend or wife, where do you like to go?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shopping Kudos

Recently Green Eyes and I were strolling through a fleamarket type mall. GE has wanted a wig with longer hair for quite a while, but they are very pricey. GE buys many clothes on-line, but has held off on this purchase. To be honest, I think many CDers are shop-a-holics, come on...how many of you can admit it? Sorry, I digress, we were shopping and stopped at a wig place and looked around. GE asked the woman if they had any older wigs in the back that they might sell. I thought this was a great idea, it would never have occured to me to ask that. The woman quickly came back with three to choose from. GE got the perfect wig, just what he had been looking for. She said it would be thirtly dollars and he offered twenty, she accepted. The least expensive wigs there were around one hundred dollars and the longer ones are even more expensive. That was a true bargain. Kudos to you Babe. I was very impressed and even a little jealous because I didn't find anything for myself that day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

For You Babe

Because I love to read a good story and live vicariously through it I am going to tell you one, mostly because my Baby wants to read it. Let's skip over the months of silence here, the day to day of your average crazy life. Let's take a vacation! A real vacation, hours and hours from home and everyone you know.
Welcome to Key West...paradise! Green Eyes and I decided to take advantage of a great hotel deal, support the economy around the Gulf of Mexico, and take some much needed time to connect. We arrived at a beautiful resort, lushly landscaped and wonderfully decorated. The hours of travel and the overcast rainy skies did not matter. Away from home the tension just fades away. GE was happy as a clam in his favorite capri pants, shiny anklet, stylish flip flops with black patent leather straps and stylish shades.
The only plan was to enjoy ourselves, and go wherever the mood took us. We did talk about one girls night out and one night out with my handsome guy. Girls night out would be a first for GE, we usually do girls night in. Surprisingly the packing for this possibility was not as grueling as I expected (I love you babe).
We strolled around town, walked on the little bit of beach, sat by the pool and relaxed. I think GE's second favorite part (I think I should make that third) of vacation is sitting on the balcony having coffee in the morning, in a very Keys like pink and white stripe, spaghetti strap maxi dress ( I want it). When a woman checking in as we were checking out asked my what my favorite thing was I wanted to say the big giant bed and lots of great vacation sex, but that did not seem appropriate, although very true. As I fumbled to answer GE jumped in to help me by saying it was the drag show we went to, also true, but number two on my list. Hey, I'm a forty something woman, sex is always number one on my list!
We did go to a drag show and it was lots of fun. We decided that would be our girls night out. There were two clubs with shows, one suggested reservations and a review mentioned a fair amount of tourists in the audience. We decided to go to dinner, in drab for GE, and then get dressed and go to a late show. We would drive by both places, as it is a small town, and decide which drew us in at the moment. GE basically only brought one outfit so it did not take long to dress. Although there was a slight change, I think it worked very well. GE had a denim skirt, a pink t-shirt, pink patent flip flops, a cute silver necklace and big silver hoop earrings. I thought it was very appropriate and girly. I think GE is was a little disappointed that he didn't wear the higher wedge sandals, but first time out, drinking, old uneven roads, flats were better (and again, I want a pair of pink flip flops). I helped with make-up, which I think came out nice. I know I don't put it on as heavily as GE would like, but it's a learning curve, even for us GGs. Wig, very nice (even if I did pick it out myself) and the newest addition...breast forms. Ok those things are very cool, they feel really cool too. I think I get how men become obsessed with breasts.
All dressed, out we went. When we passed the first bar the girls performing were standing outside waving to passers-by. That seemed friendly to me. The second place had more people waiting to get in, mostly tourist looking as I had read. We parked and opted for the first place, 801 Bar. As we walked down a side street we got a little shout out from someone on their porch, "looking good ladies". GE was a little bit nervous I think, when we first got to the bar he was not speaking, no problem I just jumped in. The place was not crowded at all, we took a seat toward the side of the bar, but not right up front. We ordered a couple of drinks and the show began. I have never been to a drag show. It was great and funny, I am really glad we went. There were four performers and they were all different. They all walked around the bar and we took a few pictures. GE received several compliments on his wig. Usually when we are out I like to touch GE, just little gestures and kisses. As this was a first I was not sure what I would do. I decided to turn down the PDA, although I couldn't help to put my hand on GE's knee, they are tanner and smoother than mine, I can't help it. I had a great time and would love to do it again.
The three drinks I had that night left me a bit toasty, good thing I was not driving. On the way back to the hotel we stopped in a store to pick up a snack. Another first, being out in a store, not just in a friendly bar. A good evening all around, lots of fun and no problems. Except that maybe I was too drunk and tired for more fun when we got back to the room, hard to believe, I know. Firsts are fun and worth remembering. I just hope I did this one justice.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fortune Cookie

Don't be afraid of opposition, remember, a kite rises against the wind.

Unknown cookie

Friday, March 26, 2010

Call me a Pessimist

"We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal"

Tennessee Williams

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.

Cyril Connolly

I watch a TV show called Criminal Minds. They begin and end each episode with a quote. Above is the ending quote from last night's show. It touched something in me and I felt I needed to share it.