Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Shoot Night

It has been a quiet week for me with my kids away. Green Eyes and I have had a lot of time together and it has been really nice. The other night we took advantage of the privacy, Green Eyes decided to try on the new wig and get all dressed up, makeup, heels and all. Photo Shoot night! GE went to work practicing the makeup application himself. I did help with the eyeliner, but he did a great job. He used some of my makeup and I think we are in agreement, you have to use good makeup, and it truly makes a difference.

GE had a nice, simple, little black dress and peep toe black patent heels on. The new wig and makeup looked really great. He looked the most like a woman that I have ever seen him. When I was close to his face and giving him a kiss, it felt like a woman. It was actually a little odd for me. I was worried about telling him this, but to my relief he took it as a compliment. Here is a question for anyone that might read this, do you find that when you are dressed en femme that your facial expressions change?

We took a bunch of pictures in the LBD. Then we took some with GE in a maxi dress that was fun and bright with straps and wedge heels. I can't wait to see the pictures. It was a fun night. I think we would both like to go out again, girl's night out. We just can't decide what to do or where to go. It is fun to go to a club that is friendly, but I think we would like to find something a little lower key. Life is about to get busy again, I hope we can make the time to get out. Here is another question, if you go out en femme with your girlfriend or wife, where do you like to go?


Lynn Jones said...

I'm with you on the good make-up front. Okay, sometimes inexpensive stuff is fine, but cheap? Uh-uh. :)

Sounds like you both had a great time.

Going out? Maybe a good resturant or perhaps to a show. Just a thought. Alternatively, just dress down and go for a lovely long walk in the sticks. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved that green dress and you know the next time is going to be even more fun! I'm already thinking up my outfits ;-)

Leslie Ann said...

Regarding facial expressions, I smile a LOT more en femme. Not simply a grin, but the corners of my mouth seem to always be turned up some. And I open my eyes farther, though the mascara might account for that, right?

I think the only place my wife and I might go with me dressed would be her taking me to a mental institution for dropoff.