Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two for One

Two posts in one day. I feel the need to catch up a little. Vacation is over and life is back in full swing. Back to work and back to school, not just for the kids, I have a class tonight. This is the second class I am taking since starting back for a second degree. I have to confess I am a little nervous. As I flip through my new and obscenely expensive text book, I think this class might be a little harder than Chemistry. I am enjoying going back to school though, using my brain and learning new things.

I am feeling pretty good. I did notice in the past few weeks myself and others (mostly people whose blogs' I read) were feeling rather down. The planets must have been way out of wack for so many to feel the same way at the same time. This Leo does believe in astrology to a fair degree. I feel like my little vacation and getting out of the summer chaos and back into more of a routine has helped me.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled date night, I know we only missed one while I was away. I think because I did relax while I way away I was able to relax last night. Green Eyes and I had no real plans for the evening. Some times I get a little antsy (or maybe more accurately... pouty) if we don't go out. Last night I was happy to stay home and cook dinner. Although Green Eyes did not feel like getting dressed up I decided to. I put on a nice dress, with a nice neckline, and these really sexy high heels I just bought. As much fun as I have been having with Green Eyes' make-up and wig lately it was very nice to have his eyes on me all night last night. They are gorgeous green eyes.

Beach Report

Air Temp - 93F
Water Temp - same
...Welcome to So Fla

Back from the beach I am feeling a bit refreshed and sporting a nice tan. Of course I have to accept that I will never tan as nicely as Green Eyes. And those green eyes stand out even more with a tan. My tan line is sexier though. I had to say it, as Green Eyes knows, I am shamefully competitive about silly things. Who am I kidding, if he could wear what ever he wanted his tan line would be nicer too!

A vacation away from home, even if it is only a few hours away, gives your mind a chance to let go of all the daily responsibilities and thoughts that weigh it down. My little trip allowed me to realize this and do it. While I was away I missed Green Eyes, but it was a good feeling. I did not have that needy feeling. I was feeling good thinking about all of the reasons I love him. Green Eyes often tells me that some anticipation can be a good thing, maybe I need to take his advice a little more often. (p.s.- I know you are reading, don't let that go to your head, lol, XO)

I learned a few other things on this little trip as well. A vacation at the beach is not really complete with out a rum filled frozen drink. Getting stung by a stingray (not me thankfully) is very painful and you really should get medical attention right away, also, soak it in very hot water. A Monopoly game takes three days to finish. Perhaps most important, who you travel with can really make or break your vacation. Note to trip bring Green Eyes.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I only have one head

One head and many hats. Sometimes when you have a lot of different hats to wear in life you wind up needing to wear them simultaneously. That just looks silly, hat on top of hat. It can also feel heavy, the weight of several hats at once. That is how I have felt lately. Funny, that heavy feeling is good for writing poetry, but I need to feel more upbeat to write a blog.

The past couple of weeks have been busy. The mom hat was on with the kids all home from various trips and no camp to keep them busy. The sister and daughter hat were on with my brother visiting. The student hat was on while I studied for a final exam. The girlfriend hat felt like it was at the bottom and slipping and no time for date night while studying.

I had a birthday in the mix of all this too. Being the prideful Leo that I am birthdays mean a lot to me, maybe more than to most. This year's birthday was a bit of a roller coaster, up and down. But another day and I am feeling more upbeat. I got an A in my chemistry class! Hunted down some money my ex owed me. The prospect of a date night. A few days at the beach coming up.

So with only one head what is the best thing to do at these times? Take them all off and put your hair in a ponytail!

Dateline - McDonald’s

No...I meant Date Night. Yes, at McDonald’s. But wait, there is a good reason for it, and Green Eyes was so cute and sincere when we were just about to go into McD’s, “am I really taking you to McDonald’s on Date Night?” To start at the beginning, we had plans to go out for a drink, probably sit at the bar and have a bite to eat too. Then home to have some fun dressing up. We had plans to do the make-up, wig and even a shaved chest for some nice cleavage.

When we plan these evenings I like to step it up too. I make sure I am wearing a nice dress, a little more make-up, high heels, painted toenails, hair down long and straight. I’m ready, but we had to stop at a friend’s to do an errand, which turned into “stay, have a drink”. It was not late when we left and Green Eyes was ready to go out to get something to eat. I am the one that offered up the fast food. I did not want it to get too late to enjoy the rest of our plans for the evening. And hey, it was Wednesday, $0.69 cheeseburgers, how can you pass up the bargain, lol! Green Eyes can put the savings towards the next shoe purchase, like many he is obsessed. So am I for that matter, it makes us a good match, but that is another blog.

Onto part two of our evening, make-up. I am still learning to put make-up on someone else, and still giggling at “stop scrunching up your eyes” and “you’re too tall I can’t reach”. There is better lighting at my place and all of my usual tools and products so I think I did a better job this time. Green Eyes looked good. The eye make-up was less subtle than the first time. When Green Eyes noted that it looked different, I tilted my head, batted my eyelashes and said “yes, does it look familiar”. I did what I know, exactly what I put on myself. Next, what to wear and how to get some cleavage out of that smooth chest.

Dressed in a red dress and black pumps it is time to have some fun and take pictures. Hm…red is not really the best color for Green Eyes. Next outfit! Black pencil skirt (I wish it looked that good on me) and blue top. Those are some nice pictures, but we already have some in that outfit. Next! A new purchase I made for myself. I bought a faux wrap dress in a green, something between an olive and a jewel tone. If it sounds strange it looked great. A deeper color was definitely needed. I took lots of fun and even some risqué pictures. I think Green Eyes was very happy and maybe he will even post a picture somewhere for the first time, we’ll see.

A much needed fun night all around. There are always things to reflect on, reconsider and learn though. I think we need a different color lipstick. Green Eyes does not like that foundation make-up makes him look pale, he likes his tan. Can I tell you how I hate that next to his golden brown legs mine look pasty?! Bronzer for the face maybe? The issue of cleavage definitely needs to be researched. So, there is plenty more fun to be had.

Next week I plan to be relaxing on the beach with kids and family, but sadly not Green Eyes. No date night next Wednesday. Maybe I can step up the tan on my legs though, let’s hope.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A poem

It's such a little thing to weep,
So short a thing to sigh;
And yet by trades the size of these
We men and women die!

Emily Dickinson

I love this poem. I even re-wrote it by hand in my best cursive and have it sitting on my desk at work.