Friday, August 14, 2009

Dateline - McDonald’s

No...I meant Date Night. Yes, at McDonald’s. But wait, there is a good reason for it, and Green Eyes was so cute and sincere when we were just about to go into McD’s, “am I really taking you to McDonald’s on Date Night?” To start at the beginning, we had plans to go out for a drink, probably sit at the bar and have a bite to eat too. Then home to have some fun dressing up. We had plans to do the make-up, wig and even a shaved chest for some nice cleavage.

When we plan these evenings I like to step it up too. I make sure I am wearing a nice dress, a little more make-up, high heels, painted toenails, hair down long and straight. I’m ready, but we had to stop at a friend’s to do an errand, which turned into “stay, have a drink”. It was not late when we left and Green Eyes was ready to go out to get something to eat. I am the one that offered up the fast food. I did not want it to get too late to enjoy the rest of our plans for the evening. And hey, it was Wednesday, $0.69 cheeseburgers, how can you pass up the bargain, lol! Green Eyes can put the savings towards the next shoe purchase, like many he is obsessed. So am I for that matter, it makes us a good match, but that is another blog.

Onto part two of our evening, make-up. I am still learning to put make-up on someone else, and still giggling at “stop scrunching up your eyes” and “you’re too tall I can’t reach”. There is better lighting at my place and all of my usual tools and products so I think I did a better job this time. Green Eyes looked good. The eye make-up was less subtle than the first time. When Green Eyes noted that it looked different, I tilted my head, batted my eyelashes and said “yes, does it look familiar”. I did what I know, exactly what I put on myself. Next, what to wear and how to get some cleavage out of that smooth chest.

Dressed in a red dress and black pumps it is time to have some fun and take pictures. Hm…red is not really the best color for Green Eyes. Next outfit! Black pencil skirt (I wish it looked that good on me) and blue top. Those are some nice pictures, but we already have some in that outfit. Next! A new purchase I made for myself. I bought a faux wrap dress in a green, something between an olive and a jewel tone. If it sounds strange it looked great. A deeper color was definitely needed. I took lots of fun and even some risqué pictures. I think Green Eyes was very happy and maybe he will even post a picture somewhere for the first time, we’ll see.

A much needed fun night all around. There are always things to reflect on, reconsider and learn though. I think we need a different color lipstick. Green Eyes does not like that foundation make-up makes him look pale, he likes his tan. Can I tell you how I hate that next to his golden brown legs mine look pasty?! Bronzer for the face maybe? The issue of cleavage definitely needs to be researched. So, there is plenty more fun to be had.

Next week I plan to be relaxing on the beach with kids and family, but sadly not Green Eyes. No date night next Wednesday. Maybe I can step up the tan on my legs though, let’s hope.

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Lynn Jones said...

Fun is a good thing. It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it? Sounds like you two had a ball together.

Wrap dress? Oh, they're lovely. They help give you extra curves in the right places. I wish there were more of them about.