Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two for One

Two posts in one day. I feel the need to catch up a little. Vacation is over and life is back in full swing. Back to work and back to school, not just for the kids, I have a class tonight. This is the second class I am taking since starting back for a second degree. I have to confess I am a little nervous. As I flip through my new and obscenely expensive text book, I think this class might be a little harder than Chemistry. I am enjoying going back to school though, using my brain and learning new things.

I am feeling pretty good. I did notice in the past few weeks myself and others (mostly people whose blogs' I read) were feeling rather down. The planets must have been way out of wack for so many to feel the same way at the same time. This Leo does believe in astrology to a fair degree. I feel like my little vacation and getting out of the summer chaos and back into more of a routine has helped me.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled date night, I know we only missed one while I was away. I think because I did relax while I way away I was able to relax last night. Green Eyes and I had no real plans for the evening. Some times I get a little antsy (or maybe more accurately... pouty) if we don't go out. Last night I was happy to stay home and cook dinner. Although Green Eyes did not feel like getting dressed up I decided to. I put on a nice dress, with a nice neckline, and these really sexy high heels I just bought. As much fun as I have been having with Green Eyes' make-up and wig lately it was very nice to have his eyes on me all night last night. They are gorgeous green eyes.


Lynn Jones said...

Sometimes a bit of variety is all you need.

Good luck with the class, BTW!

Jessica De Leon said...

Sounds like a terrific evening at home :)