Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello... again

First and foremost, thank you Ms. Petra for mentioning my blog in Voyages en Rose. It was such perfect timing for me. I have not posted in such a long while, I can hardly believe how long, and had just spoken with Green Eyes on the same subject the other day. He asked me to write about a fun night out we had (which I will do very soon). I was hesitant to write about it because I was feeling my blog writing was becoming a little one dimensional. I tend to filter myself quite a bit. (Babe, stop rolling your eyes, lol).

When I first started this blog I intended to write about many different aspects of myself and my life. One big part of my life is my love, who is a cross-dresser. I do accept it and I do support it (and sometimes I do say I have encourage/created a monster, lol). We have fun together. I hope you can see that from the things I have posted so far. As I look back, that is all I have written so far. That is my one dimensional dilema. If I am to be honest, there have been moments of unhappiness along the way too.

I think I need to open the filter a little. I spoke with GE about this too. I told him that sometimes I don't want to write about negative feelings because I don't want him to take things the wrong way or feel like I am putting personal issues out there for others to see before him. After talking and thinking, I realize that I filter myself with GE too, much to his frustration I would guess. I think trying to open up and express more here might help me do the same in other aspects of my life.

As a disclaimer to my GE, and anyone else who reads this blog, one bad moment, one bad day or one unhappy comment does not mean I am no longer accepting or supportive. It is just one moment in time that will move along. Even if you love pizza and you could eat it every day, there might be a day when you don't feel like pizza, it doesn't mean you don't love to eat pizza (Babe, I think I feel like having pizza tonight, I hope you read this before dinner).

In the future I hope to give a more rounded picture of life. Maybe I will write about my kids, or my school work, or my dysfunctional relationship with my mom (probably not, that could take up an entire blog on its own) along with the fun the Green Eyes and I have together. I would also love to hear from readers. I am open to answering questions, topic suggestions and anyone who knows me knows that I love to give my opinion.

Hopefully we'll have more fun, finding Her, She, ME! Thanks again Petra!


Petra Bellejambes said...

Dear Lynn

All of us who blog and share edit to a good degree. Your readers will know of course that life is a full spectrum, 360 degree thing, all facets of which simply could not, or really should not appear in a blog.

So no worries on the editing front. Share what you can share with joy, and it will no doubt be engaging, educational, and certainly appreciated.

As always, looking forward to your next lovely post.

xxoo - Petra

Leslie Ann said...

Lynn, it seems you have the same dilemma as myself. I have tapped out of interesting things to report from the gender frontier, and have been trying to figure a route to include other subjects. It hasn't gone well. I hope you have better luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie. I want you to just write what you feel and don't worry about how I take it. I think I might set up my own blog for "Venting" lol
Lots of bottled up thoughts and emotions sometimes are easier to release in writing...
Oh and you looked gorgeous last night. That dress was perfect. Too bad I had to wear a yucky tie and jacket. ;-)
I know you liked it. So does that qualify as my "Balance" for a while? lol

Pat Scales said...

The best blogs are those that go with what the writer is thinking and feeling at the time the words are first placed on the PC. Filtering may be needed regarding identifying personal data but we all appreciate someone who writes from the heart.
You and GE are lucky to have found each other. Keep up the fine writing.