Thursday, December 10, 2009

Honey...Can you get that

Most mornings these days Green Eyes waits for the last of the kids to leave for school before coming downstairs to have coffee. This way he can lounge a bit before he has to change out of his nightgown. The other morning was the same. The last kid left for the school bus, Green Eyes came down stairs. We had some coffee and then I left him in the dinning room sitting at his laptop to go up to my room. With the kids not home to need me I closed the bedroom door. A couple of minutes later I thought I heard a quiet knock. I figured it was just Green Eyes and I ignored it thinking he would just walk in. Then I looked out the window and saw the FedEx guy walking away from the house. Omg, I had to laugh (let's be clear I am laughing with him not at him). I knew Green Eyes was waiting for an important letter so he must have answered the door. I had to check so I went downstairs and sure enough, Green Eyes answered the door in his nightie (and goatee, lol). He said the FedEx guy didn't even do a double take. So we had a little laugh and a funny story to tell.

The letter was about a new job that Green Eyes will be starting soon. So his "funemployment", as we call it, will be over soon. He wants to take it easy today so he said he is going to get a pedicure, without me! Just to egg him on, not that he needs it, I said "I dare you to wear the new capri pants you just bought." Then I asked him to run an errand at the mall for me...go to the make-up counter and get the eye shadow I am out of please. Again, no real egging need there, lol. I hope he has a fun day, I can't wait to hear...I'm jealous, I want to go to the mall.

First trying on women's clothes in the store this past weekend, then answering the door in a nightie and lot's of potential fun today. I know we will get to that girls' night at the movies sooner than I thought. I'll keep you posted.

p.s. the whole pronoun issue is too much for my brain, when Green Eyes has a goatee and is not totally dressed up he is a he and it is easier for me to write that way. No offense intended to anyone, I know Green Eyes doesn't take any.


Petra Bellejambes said...

Dear dear Lynn. I just feel moved to thank you on behalf of the many for your acceptance and nurturing of one persons special talent.

Green eyes is fortunate, and it seems you feel the same way about yourself.

And terrific news on the job front too.

What a wonderful world...

Cheers - Petra

Anonymous said...

What can I say. I'm getting REAL daring lol. One more step towards that big one. ;-)

Lynn Jones said...

No offense taken :) Language can be a mindfield sometimes!

I'm guessing the FedEx guy has seen a lot - no, not like that :) - in his time. Was it a long goatee, by the way? Mr FedEx may have assumed it was a wizard's house :)

PS: Congrats on the employment front though. That is good news... and there should be no excuses for GreenEyes not buying you the make-up now either :)

PeggyFlouncey said...

Dear Lynn,
Your blog is great! I read just a few entries and found that you seem to explain not only how you feel about greeneyes, but also about all of us girls who were "born somewhere in the middle". It's nice to read the thoughts of a well adjusted GG who isn't threatened or disgusted by our very being.
Your blog fills a niche that has been needed for a really long time. I sincerely hope that more love and understanding will result, not only for you and greeneyes, but for relationships of other SO's who are just grasping at straws.


PS> Is greeneyes waiting for you to say that it's time to shave the goatee? If you do, neither of you will regret it.