Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Got Mail...

I got, dare I say..."fan mail" (please let me say). Thank you Suzzette for dropping me a note. It was inspiration to drop you all a note. I am still alive and well and so is Green Eyes. I am going to have to keep this some what brief as I have a big test to study for. Let me address Suzzette's question first. She asked basically two things, one, how does GE do trying clothes on when we are out shopping and two, does GE use a feminine name?

At first GE did not try things on in the store, he almost always ordered clothes on-line or just bought the item and tried it at home. We have been shopping together now and he has tried on women's clothes. Now he goes shopping without me and tries clothes on. Mostly we shop at discount stores so the dressing rooms are right next to each other. I think that makes it easier to grab some women's clothes and go into the men's dressing room. But I imagine one day it would be fun to shop in a department store, with GE dressed en femme, we could even share a dressing room.

As for question number two, GE does use a femme name, when dressed. I think I may have mentioned a little about this in a previous post. I don't usually use it. I have not really thought about why. I know on the rare occasion I do, GE likes it. As I think about it now, I don't often call him by his male name either. Hopefully it is just a silly quirk that GE finds charming about me (lol). I will leave it up to him if he would like to share his femme name, just leave a comment baby.

As for my disappearance, school is kicking my butt, physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel bad for GE, on what is supposed to be our Wednesday "date night" I am just a puddle of mush. We have not had any girls' nights in quite a while, but we do keep talking about going out to a movie. I will keep you posted should we do anything fun. In the meantime send good thoughts for me to do well in school. Drop me a note, I'll answer.


Penny Clare said...

Hi Lynnd,
It seems conventional for cross-dressers to use a nomme-de-femme but I suspect there is a wide variation in how they think about it. For me it is a shorthand for the dressing up and the softer way I feel, but in reality I don't feel a different person. Perhaps if my real name was one of those dual-mode ones (e.g.Robyn, Chris) then I might not need a second name at all. Each to their own.
I also was intrigued by your remark about shopping for clothes with GE. Sadly my other half is much less cool about the dressing up than you clearly are, so for the most part I have bought my own. Less fun but needs must. I have found shops pretty easy going - perhaps even more so when dressed, though it does help to avoid shops where I'd be likely to bump into someone we know. To some extent I rely on the changed appearance to help with this, but if I was with my Wife then it would be very clear what was going on. I guess you too have this issue, even though you are largely ok with it, others may not be.
I have hunch that most people would take it well but at the moment I don't have the nerve to find out. (And I value my marriage much too much to try it, anyway!)
BTW, Mrs Clare is a teacher, so you have my sympathy. It's really hard work, don't let it destroy you. When she had our daughter she stopped full-time teaching and I can honestly say she is a much nicer person for it. I also noticed that now she teaches older children again she comes home with warming stories about how well they do, instead of complaints about having to do crowd control.....
Best wishes, Penny

lynnd said...

Thanks so much for the comments. I am a little behind in the posting again, but I am not a teacher, I am the student, constantly having to study. I try to be open with the CDing, I think I do ok, and we do have some fun. I will have to write about our night out to the movies finally. But I am just like any other woman, one day I feel like having fun with the dressing and the next I want to see GE in guy mode. Its a good thing GE has a femme side and can truly relate to me, I love that about him.