Monday, July 20, 2009

Begin at the beginning

It seems like the obvious thing to do, so I will. The beginning, when Green Eyes told me for the first time about his crossdressing. Funny story if you ask me, nerve racking I'm sure if you ask him. One weekend we were just hanging around on the sofa in front of the television, our kids were around but off playing. As I have mentioned we don't always get much time together, and being Green Eyes is an amazing kisser, we were sitting close together, kissing, and I let my hand wander. I was somewhat surprised to feel something very smooth and soft without an opening in the front. Something so much easier to slip under than men's briefs. I did not have much time to explore as we were soon interrupted, so I filed it away for later.

Before I get to later I need to back up. Green Eyes and I had not long before this just professed our love for each other and not long before that had gotten passed a bout of him repeating "when you really get to know me you might not like me". That was driving me crazy, he wouldn't say what he was referring to but was intimating that it was something bad. We finally agreed he would stop saying that until he was actually ready to share. In the meantime I have a fairly fertile imagination so I could not help ponder what this bad thing could be. We both have exes that leave a lot to be desired, so I let my mind wander to the thought that maybe his ex got him so mad he hit her. This was crazy, he is the sweetest person I have met.

Back to the beginning. I start to ponder the smoothness I felt. I have set in my head some negative things about the ex so I think maybe this is some pair of sexy mens underwear purchased by the ex. Being a woman I cannot leave this alone. I must know. Green Eyes and I often email back and forth during the day. I sent an email and asked about the underwear. I got back an email about how he wants to go shoe shopping with me. I am still clueless as to what he means, and say something along the line of "of course you do, you like the way they look on me and want to have me in them." It takes a few more emails for Green Eyes to get through to me that he likes to wear "certain things". Ooooh, light bulb moment. Unfortunately he could not see the big smile on my face. This was actually a great relief to me, that it did not have anything to do with the ex. This to me sounded fun and interesting. More than that though, it felt really good that Green Eyes felt that he could share this very private side of himself with me, and trust me.

That is the story of how this began. The moral of the story is that things are not always as bad as you think.

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Leslie Ann said...

What a lovely story. And what a lucky guy Green Eyes is to have such an open-minded woman encouraging him.