Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love men's clothes

When I was a teen some of my favorite clothes were the ones I, let's call it acquired, from my older brother. I had a pair of his jeans that I just loved. They had a button fly, rode a little lower than girls jeans would and they were a little big so I needed a belt. They felt so comfortable and sexy. I also acquired the softest red tank top. I wore them all the time.

Fast forward to this morning. My kids are visiting the Grandparents so I stayed at Green Eyes place. Usually when I spend the night I bring some clothes with me, however not last night. This morning I did not want to put on my clothes from yesterday, so I borrowed some clothes from Green Eyes, girl clothes. A cute little black cotton spaghetti strap casual dress and pink cotton panties. I have borrowed clothes from him before, from guy t-shirts to dresses to underwear.

Unlike my brother who had no clue where his clothes went, Green Eyes knows exactly who walked off with his clothes, and eventually they have to go home to the owner. What I realized today was that, just like my brother's clothes, the clothes that I borrow from Green Eyes are very comfortable. Another aha! moment, men might have something here, buy and wear only comfortable clothes.

I know this may seem like a no brainer. But as GG we are brainwashed that with fashion there comes sacrifice, namely comfort. We all know that if you look good you feel good too. What cross-dressers know is that you need to feel good to look good and feel good. Would any cross-dressing man out there wear panties that were not really comfortable? (thong underwear is a totally separate subject, lol)

What I know now...borrow clothes from Green Eyes, or at least think about whether he would wear it before I buy it.

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Lynn Jones said...

> fashion there comes sacrifice

Oh comfort goes out of the window for glamour doesn't it? :)

Every now and then a trend comes along that womenfolk (and trannys) will embrace. Partly I wonder because it [the trend] is a) very wearable and b) comfy.

Black bootleg trousers were one. Ugg boots or ballet pumps and leggings. Finally smock tops and wrap dresses. A welcome break from jamming your danties into killer heels. :-)

A SO stealing a CD's clothes? Oh the irony :-D