Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maybe it's Mabeline..

Last night, with understandable nervousness, Green Eyes took the plunge and shaved off the goatee so that we could really play with all of the makeup I bought. He had teased me that he would look younger when he finally did it that I would then look like a cougar. Omg, he was right, he did and I do! Those gorgeous eyes remained the same though. I did my best to enhance them with just the right makeup. It is not easy putting makeup on someone that is taller than you, while saying "stay still" and "I won't poke you", but it was a tremendous amount of fun. I am again feeling good that Green Eyes trusted me to do this and share this with him.

When the makeup was complete we added the wig and I think Green Eyes looked great, especially with a smile on. Of course we critiqued the makeup and being this was the first time there are changes we would like to try. The eye makeup was subtle, next time something stronger. I liked the lip color but I think there might be something better, that will depend on the eyes though. Strong eye makeup calls for more subtle lips and vice versa. Green Eyes did great with the mascara for the first time. I think I might like to try fake eyelashes for some extra fun.

All dressed up in a skirt, one that I covet, I took some pictures of Green Eyes. I think we got a few nice shots, even a couple of us girlfriends together. There was talk of accessories and shopping so I think we will be doing this again. All nervousness included I think Green Eyes was happy with the evening, but maybe a little overwhelmed too. I am much better at observation than research, meaning I don't know how to ask questions. I did ask how Greens Eyes felt, a very general question which can be difficult to answer. Hopefully I can find the right questions, and not poke too much while I am observing his quiet reflection.


Lynn Jones said...

Ahh, a smile. The perfect accessory to any outfit... and a sign of a job well done! :) Sounds like you made GE's day with the make-over.

Funny how (when well done) make-up can take years off you.

Jessica De Leon said...

It's obvious that you care deeply for Green Eyes, thanks for being so understanding and supportive =)